Official Ultimaker Cura Download link

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I really like that they are testing a new engine to power upcoming versions

Anyone here use any add-ons for Cura other than what installs by default? What’s best and why? (
(Currently using 4.8)


Hello Kurt

In Cura Marketplace, I’m using:

Custom Supports by Krasimir
Duet RepRapFirmware Integration By Thomas
Linear Advance settings By fieldOfView
OctoPrint Connection By fieldOfView
Settings Guide by Ghostkeeper
ThingiBrowser by Chris ter

Right on! I just swapped to MacOS & contacted my 3D printer Manufacturer for advice with slicer software for Macs. They recommended Cura. Any advice for adding a printer that’s not on Cura’s “Add a Printer” list?

(especially would be fantastic to hear from another in the community working with a MacOS device)

Cura has quite a few printers listed - might be helpful if you named your printer so the community could provide useful input. I’m on Windows10 so can’t advise re Mac.

Oh, sorry, I thought I did list it haha whoops:

  • CraftBot Flow IDEX

I recommend the Material Settings plug-in, so that you can keep track of the different material-specific settings like K-factor and %flow in your slicer and not have to manually edit those settings in the print profiles before printing.

Do take care to export & protect your profiles on your hard-drive, though, so that you don’t lose it all if you uninstall/reinstall Cura for any reason.