Oh the pain of it all

I bought my Ender 3V2 about 6 months ago and I think I have a problem. When I first joined this forum I was told to expect to use up a role of filament learning how to get things done right. So I started out printing mod parts figuring nothing lost if they don’t come out right. For the most part they printed very nicely and that’s when things went wrong. I think I’m addicted to modding my printer.

Before I even received my printer I had ordered a upgrade kit, a Creality all metal extruder, heavy duty bed springs and Capricaorn tubing. I had these before the printer arrived so I just substituted them for the stock parts. After that I replaced the stock 40mm PW and MB fans for 92mm Noctua fans, with new cover plates printed out to match. After that I printed the following parts:

Ball bearing filament holder

Filament guide-top

Filament guide –bottom, altered to hold a filament run out sensor

Drag chains for the wiring

Foot risers (necessary because of the new cover plates on the PW and MB)

A new display holder that makes it easier to see the screen when sitting down

Filler strips that go into the extrusion slots

Hole cover plates for the belt adjusters

A tray insert for the drawer which holds tips and tools

A tool holder that clamps onto the table

A case that holds a micro Sd card reader extension

I also added a CR Touch and a dual Z axis drive, both great upgrades. My latest one is a pair of supports that go from the top of the Z axis posts back to the rear of the y axis supports. I don’t know if they will improve the quality of my prints but they do make the printer much more ridged. I even printed out some fake acorn nut covers that fit over the nuts on the rods. There isn’t much more I can do. Linear rails I suppose but I have watched several videos on these and it seems that the difference between them and the wheel drives is negligible. I haven’t worried about the hotend upgrade yet since I’m only printing PLA for now. Maybe in the future. And that’s about it.


The second and third pics show the support rods, they are not straight, to form a triangle for the best rigidity but I couldn’t fit them in without a short length going out the back. I drew the mounts up in my CAD and printed them out. So far so good.

Is there a 12 step program for this. The monkey is getting heavy!

Very, Very heavy!!!

Modding seems to be the crack for 3D printers, your not alone.
12 steps… to the nearest 3DPC store for your fix, lol.
we all feel the pain.
Love to hear we are not alone.

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I never got that addiction. I have always been interested in printer not the printer. It does sound like my artillery but I was chasing ok prints it is ok ish but it was a long expensive battle. I hope you have faired better and have great prints for the investment of time and money.

Lol i know what you mean. My end goal for my first printer is to get a 10 minutes benchy. Mostly beacuse i want to learn the intricacies of how 3d printing works.

So far my modifications to my Adimlab Gantry-S are

  • main board chabge from a mks robin lite to an skr 1.4 turbo with tmc 2209’s, eeprom chip, runout sensor, and dc-dc chip.
  • v6 hotend
  • filament guide
  • scilicone spacers
  • btt tft 35 with cusom mount
  • custom electronics case
  • printer feet
  • x and y belt tensioners
  • bl touch
  • endstop switches delete for sensorless homing
  • spring steel removable sheet

Abd finally custom marlin which has left me back to square 1. I seem to be having difficulties implementing both sensorless homing, and ubl. So as of right now that printer is having a tine out.