Ohh Crap and other expressive words

I started up the old printer (E3V2) yesterday and it didn’t seem quite right. My always observant eye quickly found a broken belt on the X axis. Now I have been using this printer for almost a year and I guess it was about time something crapped out but you are never really ready are you. It broke right next to the brass clip that fits into the print head, maybe I over strained the belt with the tensioner. Well much gnashing of teeth and wailing while beating on the floor and It was time to fix it.

Fortunately I had been thinking ahead and bought a bunch of spares. A roll of belt, wheels, thermisters and heater cartridges to names a few. It is simple enough to fix a belt and while I was doing that I found the gantry wheels were loose so a quick tighten to boot. Once again all is right with the world.

I feel your pain, I have 2 printers I have not fired in a while and I am not looking forward to the adventures that await.