On hiding / smoothing layer lines

Hey gang. Anyone hear of incredafill? has anyone tried/bought this? Can’t seem to find a US/CAD distributor. No mixing and stirring like XTC-3D epoxy.

see it in action here

I am also interested in this.
It seems Monocure stuff is a bit tricky to get in Canada right now. 3DPC, Spool3D, Filaments.ca all sell or have sold the brand but don’t seem to be restocking.
Digitmakers.ca has a bunch of Monocure in stock but not Incredafill.

I have seen people use regular UV printing resin to smooth prints. It wouldn’t be as easy to handle as Incredafill since it would be pretty runny but I wonder if you could thicken it with cornstarch or something to make it more viscous. It would also be a whole lot cheaper than Incredafill is.

Hmmmm. If you add something to the UV resin, you might run the risk of it, not curing properly. I know that in some of my tabletop terrain project videos, youtubers would instruct you to beware and pretest adding inks and pigments in UV resins.