Online tools to help calibrate your 3D printer

If you’ve had a printer for a while then you have probably seen the Teach Tech YouTube channel.

He made an open source website to help calibrate your printer. I use some of the tools when changing filaments and not getting the results I want.


A couple weeks ago I went through the Teaching Tech calibration site. Super useful! My printer was printing great already before, but the calibration got my quality up even higher and I learned I can print almost twice as fast without any quality loss, so a huge win!

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I used some of his tools as well but did find I had to play around with some of the settings still. It will get you very close thou.

Thanks for the link.
I had watched the videos but forgot to bookmark them…

I used it several times and it’s helped a great deal especially with my over extrusion problems. Great tool and it’s on my favourites bar.

Hello Myriad,

That’s a Great Page that Michael had made!
I’ve passed that on to several of my customers!!

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC