Open z seam - copperhead/troodon


I use a troodon printer with direct drive. Just upgraded hot end to Copperhead. Prints are turning out great except for open z seam. This is a new problem I didn’t have with V6.

Not sure how to address this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

On this test print its only visible at the top and bottom as the seam is tucked into the Y otherwise.

Thank you!

I’m no expert but it looks like you are using Linear Advance and the K factor needs to be adjusted.
It look like the infill speed is pretty high: the top surface is not perfect. Adjusting the K factor would help: I’d say it is too high.


That fixed it!

Thanks for the help!


Hey @tremrej

good to see you here on the Forum, thanks for the reply, Appreciate it.

Hope to see you here more often, Post some pics of your favorite prints