Orca Slicer and Changing Filaments

Just bought the Creality Ender 3 V3 KE and trying out different 3D models. I can use Creality Print and it is great for sending sending sliced models directly to the printer. However, it won’t let me do a filament change to do a multicolour print.

I was familiar with Cura so I tried it but had trouble setting up the profile. Lots of research but never got it working right. I blame the user … me. Used Ultimaker and Prusa versions and no luck.

I finally found a solution and a great video showing how to use Orca slicer to do a filament change on Tube:

  • [Do this for easy filament changes in Orca Slicer]

Worked great and I thought I would share it for other newbies like me.

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Orca is ish for color change. If you have a Bambu it is dead easy but if you you need to fiddle a bit. You should try Prusaslicer. It too is free and Orca is used in it. In PS it often auto detects logos and will apply a color change or after it is sliced you can go to the side bar and just hit the + and it will apply a color change at that point.

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You can still right click and add a color change on the sidebar slider in Orca Slicer to add a toolchange or custom Gcode. I have been using Orca for everything recently, Ender 3s, K1s, Vorons, Bambus and have found it has many more QOL additions than PS. It is essentially an upgraded clone of Prusa Slicer!


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