Oscar tribute gift

I have resin printed an Oscar for a friend who has being teaching in an Art & Design College for 37 years. He was one of the lectures who taught me 3D design, many, many years ago.

Now working on the base and plaque.


Is that the filament’s normal colour, in which case, what filament is it?

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And the Oscar goes to…

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LEGOManiac, black water washable resin for this version. Model was printed in two halves, then glued together due to size, primed and carefully sanded, then painted silver with arcylic, then mixed gold & clear coat together for the paint gold coat. Followed by a few coats of “pledge” clear coat. Then left a few days to harden off. Then a very, very light coat of rustolium gold mirror effect.

I did produce an FDM version prototype, worked fine, but requires a lot more sanding & painting to get a smooth surface finish.


that’s an amazing job, thanks for letting us know how you did it.

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Thank you Jason. I have been having lots of fun printing and painting stuff, with the replacement LCD & power supply you organized for me. My creality 002H is now working really outstanding.

For the people who would like that hi gloss finish, this is an excellent in-expensive solution.

My painting steps.
1/ A very light coat of rustolium primer designed for plastic…

2/ I use in-expensive water based acrylic hobby paints, mixed with windscreen washer fluid, consistency of milk.

Very lightly airbrush the first few coats. A very light misting for each coat, use a hair dryer to dry quickly or wait just a few minutes. The first few very light coats are critical, you will be able to see the original color of the resin/primer.

3/ A few more light coats of colour. You will notice the acrylic paint now sticks nicely…

IF you get paint runs, don’t worry… Wash the object under water and all the acrylic paint will be removed…

4/ You can hand brush the acrylic paint, it dries pretty flat. I tend to do fine colour detail by hand brushing.

5/ The overall finish will be flat colour at this point. Time to clear coat with “house hold pledge finish” available at most super markets in the cleaning area. apply first coat very lightly, wait or dry with hair dryer. Second coat also apply very lightly. 5 or 6 very light coats and you will have a nice glossy clear coat finish.


Resin printed the base stand last night and painted today, so now just waiting for plaque. Then it can ship to UK for the surprise event.
Finished piece is 14.5" high.


This model was created in 3 prints on Creality 002H, using almost the full volume of the printer.
Sliced using Lychee

The base has a secret compartment and plug. I will add some lead shot inside this version, so the overall piece has a little weight. The whole object is hollow, so pretty light…

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I decided to add a little “age” to the Oscar tribute gift. All finished and will be sent today. A fun project…

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I am in awe of your painting skills. I would have completely ruined it.

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Thank you, honestly this was super easy. Just watched a few YouTube videos. I really like Gordon Tarplay videos.

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hey @sgspenceley thank you sincerely for your post. I know a few people have already had a look at the video you posted. (not yet me but going to in a min)

One of the reasons I like 3d printing is that there are people out there willing to share the knowledge you have gained to help us all be a little better.

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Thank you Jason, it’s amazing what you can do with a few rattle cans of rustolium paint, and a few cheap bottles of arcylic craft paint. It transforms 3D printed models. I’m working on a star wars chess set and will take a few pictures to shown the progress and share, in the hope of inspiring others “to have a go”…

My gift was presented to Martyn Featherstone, lecturer Cleveland College of Art & Design, by his son in a suprise “garden setting…”, Redcar, Cleveland, UK.

This week I found out the Martyn’s dedication to education and design has been recognized in 2021 after 37 years of teaching service he becomes honored by the queen an awarded “Member of the Order of the British Empire”

Martyn Featherstone MBE.

A wonderful achievment for a modest person who never seeks thanks and always helps others seeking no reward.


I’m always glad to see people behind the scenes getting the honours they deserve.

I agree 100%, Martyn never played internal politics, never sort to be head of department, alway pushed others forward. He always focused on the students personal needs and ambitions. It’s very, very rare this great honor goes to a humble teacher in an art and design college. I’m so pleased for him.

What makes this even more special, the art collage is located in the North East of England, a real working class town, when I attended in the 80s we had 70% unemployment, after closures of ship building, coal mining and steel industry…

I never dreamed anyone in this setting would receive an MBE…