Paper bed adhesive

Hey, anyone ever used just a piece of paper? I know paper and heat aren’t the best thing to go together, but its better than tape. I end up bending the parts to take it off the tape. Thoughts?

hi @O_Mac

I will be honest, I have actually never tried that before, I have seen things like tinfoil come in on machines that are in for service. I have never seen or tried paper before.

Do you tape it along the edges or just use the binder clips as if you were using glass?

major question, does it work?

I just used tape along the edges of the bed, and YES it does work. but 65 degrees over 8 hours on paper doesn’t make me feel good.

I can see how that would make you a little nervous, I will have to give that one a try,

it works great!

Yes, but does the paper separate from the plastic cleanly? I would imagine molten plastic getting into the paper fibres rather than just sitting on top.

Why? what is wrong with using the bed? Perhaps a dab of glue stick if needed. I don’t get what the advantage is of paper that out weights the risks.