Partial Clogged Nozzle

So somewhere in this plug I pulled out of my nozzle is a partial clog of some kind.
Most annoying tracking down the culprit of the symptoms.

that is just about a perfect pull, I have never been able to clean it out like that before.

Here’s my method:
-Nozzle room temp for long enough that the filament inside is cool.
-nozzle held(not too tight) in needle nosed vise grips, those in the bench vise, the idea is securely held, but open access for the step after next.
-get ahold of filament at top of nozzle with small pliers.
-light tension on filament, heat nozzle with heat gun on high, pretty much touching nozzle, aimed a bit away from the filament you’ve got ahold of. The idea is rapidly heat the nozzle before the heat has a chance to creep into the filament inside.


that’s just impressive, have to say I have never before seen the inside of a heat break :slight_smile:


It is a nice pull for sure. That is one sharp angle on the inside of the nozzle! Mine are a far more gentle transition. Who made the nozzle?

That’s a Geeetech, 0.4mm.
I’m in the process of modding some MK10 nozzles for my A10M

I usually use E3D I think they print better. Lately I have been using an X nozzle it is lasting far longer than I even got out of brass.

My Limfac is that this A10M uses M7 threads vice the much more common M6. So far, the MK10 is the only thing close.

Frustrating sometimes. The MS 10 seem good but costly. The 6s are so common and cheap but 2/3 are very poorly made.

This one you can see the split made by the obstruction staying in the nozzle when I did the pull