Parts sticking TOO WELL to print bed

OK, so this is probably an odd problem, but my 10S Pro V2 is awesome when printing and the parts stick to the Printing Surface really well!

Problem I am having is getting the parts OFF the printer!

Using a putty knife when the bed is not being heated, but very very difficult.

Any suggestions?

Theres always the standards like use a glue stick and you can use water to help loosen it (never tried but glue is water soluable so i think thats how people release it)

I use aquanet hairspray as its unscented (less additives) and havent had the too hard to remove issue though i print on glass so the contraction during cooling usually does it for me.

You could always go to a removable magnetic build plate. My prusa has it and its wicked awesome. They use spring steel with a special finish on it for adhesion.

I recently got a cr10s pro, and installed a spring steel sheet, i still need to do more work to determine how effective it is for part removal though.

What filaments are you useing? And am i to assume your useing the stock aluminum and buildtak plate?

Thing i dont like when considering flexable beds is when they use fridge magents and build tak sheets instead of spring steel, though that may just be a me thing.

I was using glue, but decided to try without glue. Cleaned the plate and using nothing and it sticks like 10 men!

Using PLA and temps of 200 and 50 to 60

Found this on Youtube - has anyone tried this?

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Neat, i havent tried that trick before. Though i usually just use a razer blade when i need to remove anything and it seems to have stuck too well.

Id say its worth a shot to see what happens.

Got some stuff on the printer now - will try it when it is done printing!

I put prints in freezer 10 to 15 minutes must prints come off with a soft rap or just fall off themselves.

Flexible build plate. Why there are manufacturers using anything else is a mystery.

I’ve used that iso/water spray method lots with PLA on a clean glass bed. It works really well.
I started using magigoo for PETG though and haven’t had anything become fused to the bed.