Pay attention to what you are doing

Hi, just a note to pay attention to what spool you place on your printer before starting a print. I used an ABS spool for a PLA print and the result was a completely engulfed hot end.! It’s currently sitting in a container of Acetone to try and save it.

If I have to replace it what would you suggest for a Prusa MK2?


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I would have heated it up first on the printer and removed as much as possible.

Heated for 2 hours at 295° . It only got warm. It was to much material for that to work.

Dang, the acetone will do the trick. Used to do that frequently when I printed with ABS

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I would agree with Frozen If the thermistor and Heater cartridge survived the meltdown. In any case to finish the cleanup once the acetone is done, ensure it’s dry as it can be flammable.

Try a heat gun to soften the ABS and slowly work it off the hot end. If you end up having to replace any parts go with the official E3D parts. the clone parts just don’t seem to print quite as well.

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