Peek modifications

Does anyone have some advice on printing peek and ultem? I’d prefer not to purchase an expensive enclosed high temp enclosed machine and would rather modify a creality CR 20 or CR 10 max. Any advice on what is needed would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

BTT has a new 500° water cooled hot end.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve checked out some home made enclosures that look like a nightmare. I’m thinking about the creality cr 5 high temp printer. The bed temp only goes to 110 but that would be a simple enough thing to change. If i add that H20 extruder I’m guessing that might do the trick? Thanks again for your help.

Can the electronics handle the higher power required?

That’s a good question. I guess I should look into that. I figured since it was a high temp printer that the increases in temperature wouldn’t be as drastic as modifying a regular printer.

You will need an enclosure of some type. I am going to point out that this could end up a major mod. Hot end, power, board, bed, enclosure. There is a possibility you will rebuild the whole printer.

It could be faster to buy a kit for a voron or rat rig and build a printer that will from the get go with these in mind.

It is so hot that cr20 just many not be safe.