PETG Bed Adhesion

I’m having trouble getting my PETG to stick to my bed. I was curious if anybody had any tips.

Hi Lucas

There are 2 things I do with PETG, first one if it’s an option is to use the textured build plate, or if not use Glass. The second thing is the purple Elmers glue stick. It’s really a must for PETG.

Thats a good way to get it to stick…foreveeeerrrrr!

Actually on my Ender 3 it was giving me a hard time with glue on it and I completely removed everything and printed on the plain glass and it’s been releasing better than ever (and also still sticking). With bare glass though it seems that you really have to wait for it to cool down before removing it.

On my Prusas I’m using their satin powder coated bed steel plates and WOW. They are simply amazing. Everything I’ve tried to far sticks super well, and comes off without issue, even when the bed is still piping hot (if you pick up the bed and flex it).

Wish I could use something similar on my Ender 3 max but the aluminum bed is so wonky it’s not really an option :frowning: For fun I tried putting my stick on magnet and steel bed plate back on and wow, it’s super bad.

I did state that it would stick… foreveeeerrrrr because petg will tear pieces out of a glass bed (and several other types) so as Jason said you need a layer of glue or equivalent on glass for petg.

I haven’t switched to any of the new supper surfaces because

  1. glass is cheap (I like cheap - old, retired and broke)
  2. glue is cheap (see above)
  3. glass is USUALLY quite flat. It might warp a small bit in the centre because of the bed heating. That hasn’t caused any problems for me, yet. It usually sits on warped aluminum base plates with out any warping issues.
  4. unless your ham fisted and drop the glass plate it will likely last forever, other surfaces not so much. Some don’t last very long at all.
  5. glass and glue stick REALLY well, at least for me. No curling on corners or prints lifting. While it can be a bitch to get your prints off some times if you have a power outage mid-print (or just need to stop the print for some reason) with glass and glue your print will likely still be attached to the bed ready to restart the print later. Not so much for other surfaces.

Glass is good.

Then you also require patience :slight_smile: Ya I have rarely had issues with glass (lately). Earlier in the game I had terrible, terrible luck with glass. These days I’m mostly impatient.

To the OP glue is absolutely the way to go, sorry if I derailed this.

LOL, all is good, I use a lot of Elmers, If it won’t stick, Glue it.

I find the cheap dollar store brand, Selectum I think, works just fine. It’s all PVA glue, so is Auqanet hairspray but it is messy. For petg Auqanet might be a good choice since you can get an even cover of the print bed where glue can leave gaps. You don’t want gaps with petg.