Petg best nozzle size ender 3 V2

I am considering to buy some new printing nozzles and I am using petg filiment and I like to print gears and such that require precision and are small (1.5 mm on a notch on a gear type size ish) and I also print larger parts but 0.4 is what I currently have I am looking to either get a nozzle that’s smaller than 0.4 and a nozzle that’s larger than 0.4 for larger prints that have less detail. Any recommendations or issues and such that I should consider? There is a sale on them right now so I want to take advantage of that sale. I have a ended 3 v2 Default glass bed and a bltouch so I have not modded it much just in case that effects my options for nozzle sizes.

Gears are difficult. i have been working on gear printing for some time, many months. PetG is a fair choice as long as there isn’t too great a load, if there is the flex too much and pop.

I ended up with Carbon fiber filled filaments. Mostly for stiffness. I also found makes muse correct, pla so far has beat the more flexable filaments. Nylons, petg. ect.

I would suggest you look at hardened steel. This will preclude wear with the CF filaments. I was wearing out brass at an alarming rate.

Some have had issues with the stell it isn’t a great conductor and might need a bit of time extra to heat up. At least that is what I found. My personal experiance is the name brand nossles print cleaner and smoother with less stringing.

I like the E3D nozzle X I suspect the Zodiac is the same similar. That would be My suggestion.

This maybe what I am calling the solution but feel free to add your own information everyone.

I haven’t used PETG yet but I have printed gears in PLA with the .4 nozzle and had good results. Does the material type make that big a difference in necessary nozzle size.

Not in my experience I have printed lots of Petg, ASA, some ABS, PCL, PC, and nylons with a 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8. Most materials will print with multiple nozzle diameters. The diameters have their own quirks but for me not so much related to materials but abilities of the printer.