PETG Direct Drive

Was just wondering if anyone had some tips for printing PETG on a direct drive.

Hi Lucas!

I see you have recently installed a Microswiss Direct drive on your printer,

If you have a profile for PLA already tuned and printing well for the direct drive extruder, I would use that to build your PETg profile. That is the route I took when I was building my PETg profiles for different brands and found that very little settings got changed compared to PLA.

To start, temperatures need to be raised, I print at 240c hotend and 70c bed for most PETg brands.

Retraction can vary depending on brand, but with the Microswiss I like to keep it between 1mm and 2mm, Microswiss recommends 1.5mm at 35mm/s retraction speed.

Part cooling fan on at 35% max after layer 2

That is my starting point before tuning for flow and speed using xyz cubes or other tuning prints.

Hope this helps!