PETG+ - does it really print as fast as PLA?

In the ad copy for PETG+ on the 3DPrinting website, here is a claim: "The higher melt flow of PETG+ permits higher speed 3D printing, similar to that of PLA. "

Now I am using a Creality K1 MAX printer, and with regular PETG, it is running approx ⅓ the speed of PLA. So it would be amazing if this claim were actually true. Has anyone attempted to print PETG+ at the crazy speed of PLA?

I have K1 and print both PLA and PETG at 300mm/s with out any problems. I have printed them both, project specific, at the max of 600mm/s also.

I print PETG and ABS on my K1max at 300mm/s without any issues.

I run often Petg on an FLsun v400 at 400 mm/s with no issues at all.

Yep PETG+ works great as a high flow rate material, sometimes you have to bump the temps up by around 5-10c or so. But it is not always necessary.

It is not really the material but the hot end capability. Not all can deliver enough melted materials fast enough.

You are referring to the hot end, correct? The K1 MAX runs 250 on the hot end normally for PETG.

300 mm/s is the standard speed for PETG on the K1 MAX, isn’t it?

@EricA it varies, printer to printer and nozzle to nozzle. The best is to actually calibrate it.

Yes that is correct, I will sometimes adjust the hotend temp by around 5-10c just to give the material a little extra flow rate.

Not sure Creality would call it standard… they have a sticker on the K1 series for recommended settings for various materials but I’ve never used them…

Good point, but the Creality Print app defaults on PETG at 300, not 120. I guess they figured it worked OK after all at full speed.