Petg ender 3 v2 cura profile

I am having issues with my prints I can’t seem t get the right layer adhesion and other issues I’ve narrowed it down to my cura profile and am looking for a profile that you use for your ender 3 v2 using petg filiment.

If you are certain it is the slicer try a different one. I’d suggest Prusaslicer it has presets for the 3v2.

It eliminates all Cura issues.

What I mean is I don’t have a good profile for petg since cura don’t have a petg profile for ender 3v2

Also for z offset I was using a peice of printer paper folded in half which is 0.2 mm thick when folded and I heated my hotend to 235 and bed to 85 and bed is level I’m using a bltouch.

Ok so the layers are not adhering to each other or is the print not adhering to the bed?

0.2 ? I tend to use a gap of 0.15 with a 0.4 nozzle.

I think it is not to each other.

A new profile for Petg I like to set the temp in the middle of suggested range. Petg reduce the max fan speed by 1/2. The bed personally I use 85 first layer and 90 for the rest. I run an extrusion calibration and use that to adjust the extrusion multiplier it is faster than mucking with firmware. Petg doesn’t like drafts and tends to want high ambient temps (I run with air temps around 45C ) It really likes to have an enclosure.

It is in the materials list in the Preferences window. The Cura material and printer presets have been very good for several versions now.

Which issues. The current Prusa slicer wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t taken the Arachne engine from Cura. As far as other “problems” are they not just personnel preferences or dislikes.

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Profile issues are software issues. Software issues, change the software is the fastest easiest fix. prusa has profiles. Prusa is a skin on slic3r so Cure wouldn’t exist with out it. You have it backwards prusas heart is 4 years older than cura. I agree it is personal preference but it is free if there are software issues switching to see if it helps is a diagnostic tool.

Prusa may be older and but that doesn’t make it better today, Cura has surpassed Prusa slicer in many ways, including the latest slicer engine. The Cura profiles are fine, much improved and actually work great in the last several releases. I basically use the stock profiles and tweak as necessary. I have no problem with them.

I like Cura more for the layout then anything else. I don’t want to have to go to a pull down then open various folders and then go to another pull down etc. etc. etc. With Cura it is all right there in front. That is just personnel preference but that is the most important point to consider. As current features go they pretty much do the leap frog thing back and forth. Cura’s last leap was a big one.

If Prusa slicer is so much better then why does it have less then 20% of the market and Cura has almost 80%. They are both free so people can use which ever one they want. If people think Prusa is better then they would use it.

I’m to old and tired to get into a pissing contest about this so use what you want and I will like wise.

Back to the original question there is a petg profile under the material tab in the preference column next to all the other material profiles…

But the OP comment made was there wasn’t a profile in cura and there is one in Prusa. It is faster to download and look at settings or just use prusa than do a calibration from scratch or hunt around to find one that works. It is a problem if it doesn’t exist in cura.

Where did 80/20 come from? I’d be curious seeing where that came from. Maybe the same place that Slic3r is from Cura?

And as I have posted here repeatably there are PETG profiles in Cura. There is generic PETG as well as brand specific profiles. Go look it up for your self.

80/20 comes from several of the better You Tube 3D printer presenters.

Check them out, here is one example. He only claims 60 plus % vs 21 %. I’m not wasting any more time on this. Do your research.

How To Pick The Best 3D Printing Slicer (For You) - YouTube

P.S. I never said Slicer3r came from Cura. You implied it.

Th OP was having issues I simply suggested that trying a different slicer will eliminate that variable. I don’t like suggesting trying the same thing that wasn’t working over and over. it is simply unproductive. You claimed fairly that Prusa came out of Cura. This is untrue Prusa came from slic3r which pre dates cura by some time.

When someone struggles with software it is not unreasonable to suggest trying a separate title. Unbending dogma loyalty to one title is silly. No one piece of software can solve all problems I personally use three slicers as each is have things they are good and bad at.

I am sorry you feel that everyone should only use Cura, It would be a sad day if Ultimaker chooses to monetize it, they do not have market share of printers.

  1. I never claimed Prusa came out of Cura. I specifically said that the last version Cura 5 had the Arachne engine AND Prusa took that and put into their latest version. So the latest version of Prusa would not exist without Cura. Reread the posts if necessary.

2.I never ever said that we should only use Cura. Not once. I don’t care what you or anyone else uses. I only made a rebuttal to the claim you made that Cura had problems with profiles which they do not. Don’t put your words in my mouth.

  1. Using different slicers is fine, there are many to chose from but the OP’s question was where are the PETG profiles in Cura. The simplest solution to that is to tell him how to find them in Cure which I did. You decided to tell him that Cura was full of problems, which it isn’t and to switch slicers to your favourite.

  2. If Cura becomes monetized then so what there are many other slicers around.

This thread is now pointless and further bickering is not helpful to anyone. It should be locked out.