PETg PLA which is stronger? Not that simple

The question of what filament is stronger comes up over and over. Stronger is not always the right question it is often a question of how elastic. This is a good video that describes real world applications.


There were some interesting results for sure.
I assumed glass filled nylon was going to be much better. The pla was also surprising and interesting to see the difference between pla varieties.

Now we just need the guys at 3dpc to do tests on every type of filament they sell. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much work. :grin:


I’m surprised he didn’t try Carbon Fibre filament.

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In my experience CF and GF effectively behave so close that it doesn’t really matter. I have done a lot of work with both in epoxy but 3d printed it totally different. They are not long strands but tiny fragments of fibre, There seems to be a slight weight difference and colour but in terms of strength not really I noticed. It might be interest ng to see CF PLA and CF Petg but I suspect Cf pets is about removing some of the elastic nature of the material (bringing it closer to pla) I would guess CF PLA to out perform everything in this type of application.

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