Petg plastic problems

I have been trying to print a set of forks for a kids forklift and they keep snapping when I try take off the supports. They snap at the layer lines and also seem quite brittle in general. Printing at 250 on the nozzle and 75 on the bed. Any ideas as to what the problem may be? The actual fork piece snaps off with ease as well.

Its a bit hard for me to see the detail and offer specific advice.

But, have you tried printing in a different orientation?

Whats your infill% or type?

Depending on the slicer you use, Cura has tree supports which i generally find easier to remove in most cases.

Your temps seem good, the bed heat seems a smidge low, but my expierence with petg comes from prusament so it’s stock settings are 240 @ 90 iirc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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All of @Dr.Marvin says is spot on. Petg is not typically brittle. To me the break almost looks like it was meant to be there. This leads me to a different thought, is it the design? I might suggest re slicing (up the bed temp) and just look at the part where the break happened layer by layer. You might be able to see an issue. You could always bring it into a design software and reinforce that area.

Thanks for the replies. I was printing it with enough walls to make it almost solid on the thinner parts because I assumed it would be stronger. I resliced it to make it partially hollow and it is way less brittle now. My infill is 20 percent I believe.


Also the reason I was concerned is that I printed the same model about a year ago and it didn’t have that problem.

I can only think is to Print in on it’s side, that way the strength will change to longitudinal instead of the base layers. Make it look like letter “L” on the Build plate

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Also Make it that the “M” is a seperate part and just glue it in place. to Reduce the Support needed

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