PETG Printer Suggestions


I am new at this but I need to buy a PETG printer to print rack mounts for equipment. Any recommendations?

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How big are the parts you are looking to print? If you can use a smaller bed size I would go with something like the Ender 5 S1, if you need a little larger I still have a couple of the Ender 3 Max Neo in stock. LInks are below.

These are just basic printers to do PETG. If you want any kind of bells and whistles we do have other options but bare min these would be my suggestions.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.

Petg really likes having an enclosure. It isn’t 100% a must but it does make it easier something to keep in mind.

IMO for reliability and wide range of temps I’d look to Prusa. More that the various Chinese machines but less fiddling to get it running and better support. The enclosure they make is fantastic but they are expensive they also developed a plan to convert a LACK table from Ikea. It might be worth looking at no matter the printer.

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I need to create equipment mounts for 19 in racks. I can do it in two parts and screw them together. Other people have recommended that this printer needs to have an enclosure.

I have this type of enclosure for my CR10S Pro, works well.

Any opinion on the Dremel DigiLab 3D45-01?

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We actually used to carry the dremels here. They were a good printer, worked well out of the box. Worked really well with their filament but there was a premium on it.

Repairs took a little longer than with alot of the printers I deal with. Most common repair was the leveling sensor They use a lever switch on a drop down arm to “probe” the bed.

Schools used to buy alot of them because they were enclosed and could keep little fingers out of them. There were few options on the market when the 45 was king but there are alot of options out there right now.

Straight out of the box the 45 does work well, works better when you only use their filament. I have to ask the question though what do you want to print? I always think this is the most important question to ask. because if you just want to print specifc items or materials there maybe another option you have not considered.

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Thanks a lot for the insight. I want to print rack mounts for different equipment using petg… probably in 2 to 4 parts screwed together since the racks are 19 inch.

Out of all the printers I have printed PETG on the easiest has been the Creality K1/K1 Max. You still have to make sure that you are getting the first layers down properly, but after that it is pretty painless.

I find that there is very minimal stringing on the parts and they all end up with very pleasing print quality. It prints it so well in fact that I will forget it is printing in petg occasionally and be amazed at how strong the pla feels.

That’s one which I need. Thanks a lot!

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