Petsfang Bullseye Help

For months I have been wanting to create and install a Petsfang Bullseye on my Ender 3 Pro. I am struggling to understand exactly which parts I need to build and was hoping someone that has made this before can give me assistance.

As per the instructions file

I believe I use 7th column from the left, “Bullseye, E3Dv6”

I THINK I use the following:
Base: BB_CRTV_E3Dv6_Base_1.21.21
Duct: Ender3ProBullseyeDuct10.19
Fan Cap for Hot End: BB_E3D_40mm_FanCap1.21.21 (I’m definitely not sure on this one?)

And then because I have a BL Touch on the left hand side:

Can anyone that is more experienced confirm I am selecting the proper pieces and if not, what I need to correct? Any help is MUCH appreciated!

HI @ChicoQuente

I have the petsfang done up for my micro swiss with a 5015 blower on the top

The parts for mine were

  • Micro swiss Mount
  • Clip to hold the mount on
  • Cooling fan mount
  • 5015 blow fan mount with Duct

Cannot find the pic of it right now but will post it when I find it.

I know its a bad pic, best one I could find on my phone…

Thanks @Jason. I ended up realizing I was looking at the wrong column. I am on stock so I need that column (6th from the left, not 7th). I seem to be on the right track now and plan to print the parts this evening.

just remember to orient the print without support or it will fill the cavities with support material

been there done that