Petsfang V2 with Micro-Swiss Direct Drive on Ender 3 max

Has anyone installed a Petsfang on the Micro Swiss Direct drive hotend for the Ender 3 max?
I have installed the M2601 direct drive extruder.
I made an aluminum plate to hold the stock cooling fans in place, but would like to upgrade to the Petsfang.

I’ve printed the parts from here: Microswiss Direct Drive - Google Sheets

It seems that this interferes with the extruder - it would be really hard to access the stepper motor shaft to manually advance filament. In fact, with the dual fan duct, the back of the duct touches the stepper motor shaft.
Also, the main housing looks really close to the hot end itself. Would this be a problem?

Perhaps the Bullseye or Blockhead would be a better choice?

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Ok. Time to answer my own question!
My challenge was that I wanted to have the direct drive extruder available for easy finger access, both to access the tension lever and to be able to turn the motor freehand when I’m loading filament.

With the Petsfang, the fang for the 5015 fans, either dual or single, interferes with this. It even interferes with the motor shaft.

I looked around for a solution, but remixing the fang seemed to be the only? option. I put it off, while working up the courage to tackle a remix on FreeCAD.

I ended up looking at the Hero Me duct, which leaves that area open. I still needed to remix the Micro-Swiss Direct Drive adapter, and the BLTouch adapter (The left fan wouldn’t fit with the BLTouch wing mount in place, and the remixed adapter works better on the left side of the carriage. But these remixes seemed simpler than what I’d need to do for the Hero Me.

Finally, I have everything up and running!
I used the Marlin auto-compile to flash a new version with BLTouch support, surprisingly, it works…
And now I’m testing the print quality. So far, pretty good!
My bed is not flat, so the BLTouch really makes a difference!

heh that’s a lot of cooling. I need better cooling for my 1.2mm nozzle prints but I think I’m limited by current

I haven’t had time to test it much, but my bridging seems fantastic!

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ive tried bullseye, petsfang, satsana, and hero me. so far all my printers use petsfang and hero me style ducts with 5015 fans.

Do you have a method of adjusting the fangs to get the best filament cooling?
I just went by the recommendations on the Hero Me installation guide.
I was wondering if I should try to maximize it…

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i believe mine has some adjustments slots.