Petsfang V2 with Micro-Swiss Direct Drive on Ender 3 max

Has anyone installed a Petsfang on the Micro Swiss Direct drive hotend for the Ender 3 max?
I have installed the M2601 direct drive extruder.
I made an aluminum plate to hold the stock cooling fans in place, but would like to upgrade to the Petsfang.

I’ve printed the parts from here: Microswiss Direct Drive - Google Sheets

It seems that this interferes with the extruder - it would be really hard to access the stepper motor shaft to manually advance filament. In fact, with the dual fan duct, the back of the duct touches the stepper motor shaft.
Also, the main housing looks really close to the hot end itself. Would this be a problem?

Perhaps the Bullseye or Blockhead would be a better choice?