Phenom L issues with LED Array

I am using Phenom L with White Deft resin. I have been having failed prints where the support won’t build or the edges won’t print properly.
I tried changing the exposure time and the lift/retract time. I also tested different support configuration. Nothing really worked :frowning:
I am speculating that this error is coming from the LED array not emitting enough light. I changed the power supply to the array and the same problem persists.
Before I go ahead an change the whole uv engine, I wanted to ask if anyone ran into the same problem or if anyone had to change their LED array and why so?

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi, @Sheyma welcome to the forum.

I am going to start by saying I am not a resin person but I know @chris.p has been working with some calibration models specifically for resin printers.

I will mention it to him today if he has posted up the models here yet.

Just as a general troubleshooting question has this configuration of white Deft and the L worked before with other models? Has it worked before with this model?

If you put a known good model in the printer will it print successfully or will it fail as well?

If you use a known good model and it prints successfully I would tend to lean away from the LED array. and look to something else being the issue. If the known good model also fails then I would say include the array as a potential issue.

Another option, I have seen a video on YouTube where the resin was old or contaminated and the prints failed consistently.

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Hi! Sorry to hear you are having issues.

The LED array may still be good, but the LED Driver board may be failing. I have not personally seen a failure of the array yet on these machines, however I have noticed the same issues as you are having due to temperature in the room with the Phenom.
I turned the A/C off in the room and it started printing much better, I think the large format resin is slightly less forgiving to temperature as some of the other high detail small format resins, maybe something to due with additives in the resin itself.

Peopoly also sells vat heaters to keep the resin at a stable temperature over hours and hours of printing, as well as a enclosure heater to keep the build volume stable. These are upgrades that are available for the older machines and i have heard good things online about them. I haven’t tried them myself yet.

You could also run some exposure tests to try dialing in the setting a little better:


Hi Chris,
thank you for your suggestion. I tried your calibration print and it failed. I think this is either the room temperature or the LED lights.