Resin Printer Exposure Settings

Resin Printer Exposure Test Print

The Resin XP2 Validation Matrix is a print that I run on every new machine and with every new resin I try. It is a small 10 minute print that shows you which way to dial in your settings.

In my opinion, the best aspects of the print are the infinity symbol tips in the center and the vertical bars at the bottom.

With too high of an exposure time, the tips in the center of the infinity symbol will be blobbed together. With too low of an exposure time, the tips will show a visible gap.
The vertical bars will show similarly, with the positive and negative bars and gaps being the same size with no bleed over.

I like to run a few of these tests to try different exposure times before moving onto actual models as it helps to cut the failure rate down.

Below is a high res of 3 different tests ranging from 3 seconds to 2.4 seconds.

Download the STL Here!

Resin Matrix Download (Github)

Chris P.


It’s by far my favorite test print also. I just released a video showcase this exact model for the initial calibration. Thank you for posting the link so other’s can give it a try.