Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k

Hi I just got the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k love it have some small issue with bigger stuff. Plus I just order your resin cleaner and some of your resin when it all come in love to have spects you folks use. Maybe pick your brains ask a few question

Some of the prints I got so far I am doing miniatures with it. Got bigger models I want next may need help with those

Welcome and that looks awesome. The Phrosen printer was one I was looking at early on I might still get one.

Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us.

I like your models, Iā€™m not a resin guy but if you have any questions post them up here and someone will help you out.

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Thank you on the models or miniatures way more to come, but I did just get 2 pack of your 3DRS Fast+ if you guys have setting for it on the mini 4k be cool lol ā€¦ but ask on Facebook alot too .

This stuff lol forgot picture of it and you cleaner