PID Bed Temp Help?

So i took the jump to marlin 2.0.8. and one of the features ive been trying to implement is pidbedtemp. I can do a pid autotune, but cant manage to get a pid bed temp going. I believe i have it defined in the firmware.

Ive tried

m303 e1 s60
m301 e-1 s60

Both times it comes up as bad heater id.

I also dont see any indication from m503 for pidbedtemp being active.

If anyone has made use of it, do you remember how to gain access to it? And or would that mean its available as a menu item?

Thanks :slight_smile:

look at these in your configuration.h file. I think you are trying to start autotune on the bed and it’s not set in the firmware.


Turns put i didnt have the print bed selected to begin with, which would explain my troubles XD.

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