Pit Droid Print - Droid Division

Hey All!

Something I printed a year back that I thought would be worth the share.

After a few years of owning my Artillery Sidewinder, I wanted to go for a large-scale print to test the capabilities and my patience. An excellent group Droid Division had the perfect model of a Pit Droid from Star Wars.

Ultimately, I’m a sucker for star wars prints and had to give it a try. Least to say, this was an amazing experience with printing this droid, and really got into the nitty gritty of post-processing and having something stand 4’ tall.

I’ve since continued with printing a new droid and I hope to share the results sooner rather than later.

If you’re interested in the file, please give Droid Division on Etsy a look. They have great options for iconic star wars droids and other misc. prints.

All the best!


Wow that looks great!

If you have any other prints I would love to see them!

Keep up the good work,

Thanks, Matthew.

I certainly plan to share past and current projects in the future.

All the Best!


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HI @RynoTheDino

I know what my next big print is going to be…

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Thanks, Jason.

Glad I could provide some inspiration for your next print :slight_smile:


Just bought the model, Its gonna be one of those that’s always printing in the background :slight_smile:


That’s Awesome! Looking forward to how it turns out :smile:

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