PLA edges coming up

Hey guys,
I have a recurring issue of my first layer not printing properly. The edges don’t stick and peel up. I am not new to 3D printing and I have tried everything. My bed is level, my temps are good, bed is clean, gantry is level, z- offset is good, filament is good. I am not sure what it is. I think the extrusion steps/mm setting might be off and need adjusting. It not over extruding tho I have clean layers when I can get it to print. Any ideas?

We would need some more information.
PLA, PETG, ABS, what material are you printing?
Size of print, is it close to edge of bed?
Is the printer enclosed?
Lots of factors that will affect the edges of prints.

Middle of the bed
Roughly 2”x3”
Printer is not enclosed

Typically this happened with the small features like when it goes to start the supports or raft layers

just to be curious, do you have a pic of the first layer when its going down or just starting the 2nd?

What printer are you running? I run an Ender 3 S1 PLUS and find the best temp settings for PLA are Bed 60 and Nozzle 205. Also what speed are you running at? Too much speed can cause issues on small prints.

I run a brim on very small surface area prints and a skirt on large surface areas (just to see that it is sticking all the way around the print). This gives me time to tweak the Z up or down and level a corner if necessary.

I very rarely have any issues but I also run a PEI bed plate that solved many of my first layer issues.

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Is there a draft? Ac? Fan? These will cause pla to lift. Also the design can too, if it is a L shape this creates tension and can cause the edge to lift a bit. A different orientation or a slight change with a large fillet and or heavier bottom usually corrects it.

It is not an unusual thing to happen with PLA. Glass and glue prevents that every time.

I run the same temps
I have a glass bed
And the issue happens with a raft or brim

I’ll try and get one

Happens on any shape first layer

I run a glass bed and have tried glue

If it isn’t warping it is likely a first layer issue, z height calibration, or maybe the bed is warped? I find on occasion my printers not in an enclosure will warp if they cool off too quickly oddly only my PEI plate never has the glass beds here and there do.