PLA Spools lot - various colors and brands

In GTA, downtown Toronto

Selling of my PLA as I’m all about PETG now. All purchased between Dec 2020 and April 2021.

Red - Sakata - (unopened, sealed package)
Black - EuroPLA
Blue - Generic
Grey - Hello3D
White - Sakata
Purple Sparkiling - Sakata
Orange - Sakata
Silver - Hello3D

Also including for free if you want it
Sakata ABS Black
Taulman Nylon

$50 for everything?

$50 is well worth it if I don’t have to fly to Vancouver to pick it up. If it’s in the Hamilton/Kitchener/London, corridor or south to Lake Erie, I’ll buy it.

Yeah, is this in Vancouver? Or the GTA?

So sorry everyone, this is GTA, downtown Toronto.