PLA Sticking to the bed

I know it sounds strange but I am having a problem with the pla filament sticking to the bed and having trouble to get it off. I have a Ender 3 Pro with the heated bed. I also have a Anycubic and a Ender 5 I have no problems there with the same roll of filament I have raised the heat to 75 and then I can get the part off. Bad bed?? Or they put super glue on the bed. LOL Any ideas??

Im assuming your bed is non-removable. You could always do the painters tape trick or glue stick. They di 2 jobs. Help it stick and can help remove it. With the tape, just peel it off, with the glue use water.

You could also look into removable beds. Im particular to glass, but spring steel sheets are also a fantastic option.

You could also try useing a raft on the prints giving you issues.

I do have a magnetic bed and still have problems getting it off. It is really strange If I take the magnetic bed from the ender 5 it will not stick as bad. With the ender 3 one you almost have to bend it in half to get all the stuff off. Anyone seen this before?? I may just bite the bullet and get a new one or see what Creality says. It is a new one.(Ebay) Yes I will tell them where I got it.

But he’s still have trouble getting the raft off.

I wouldn’t call it a “bad” bed. The problem is that different filaments, even if they’re the same material (PLA, for example), can have wildly different characteristics. I once tried printing a spherical lithopane of the Moon. It came out beautifully, but I only printed it 1/4 the size of my Ender 5. After a while I wanted one that would use the full build volume. I had white PLA again, but a different brand. I could not get it to stick no matter what I did.

The problem with the Moon, of course, it that it’s a sphere, so it’s a large object with a very small contact area. My point here is that there are times when a super-sticky bed is ideal.

If I were you, I’d buy another bed from another source and keep the super-sticky one for those filaments or models that truly need it. People generally have more problems with prints not sticking than anything else. Save that bed for when you really need it. And there will come a time when you really need it.

Now why didn’t I think of that. Thanks I will do that.
Thanks again.