Platform Leveling

Every time I level the platform and do a test print then go to make slight changes based on the print I find the the leveling I previously did is completely gone and I have to start from scratch again.

is this mesh leveling you are doing or are you manually leveling?

Manual leveling.

I used a laser level from the base of the machine to the underside of the build platform and within 2 mins of entering leveling mode, the platform went from 1’ 06’’ 1/4 to 1’ 05’’ 11/16.

I can’t level the platform in only 2 minutes and for it to drop an inch?

This is what happen when I try to level. Printer is 3 days old.

Looks like the motor is powered off and the Z-axis is just freewheeling down. I’m not sure what you are doing with your level. usually, when you level the bed you put the built plate at Z=0.0 (my printer moves the print head up and down for Z-axis and not the bed so pardon me if I get the movement mixed up) What you are usually doing to level the bed is setting the distance at least at each corner of the bed and the build plate for each layer. The simplest way is with a piece of paper to use as a feeler gauge, then as you print the first layer of a print model you use a baby step function to dial it in more accurately

Here is a video tutorial I found on this very printer, to show the process.

where is the video?

HI @Stormshot1998 Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us. I think I know the video Glenn is talking about, Let me dig it up, Post in a moment

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Here it is

Just for curiosity have you checked your V-wheels? they need to be a little snug but not tight, May help the bed not “sagging”

unfortunately I have been shared this video half a dozen times already. I understand how to level the bed but rather the z axis motor isn’t holding the bed in place at all. It drops several inches in less than a minute

Damn sorry about that I forgot to link the video…

I’m confused then why you were using a laser level?

On my printers in “leveling” mode, the Z motor is actually turned on and locked. yours in the video looks like it’s deactivated.

Ok so let me test my understanding.

You have used paper or a card of some sort. Got the multiple points touching so it is the print nozzle is a uniform height. Correct?

Then the stepper fails to hold the bed in place, causing gross mis alignment?


This is a new printer? Still under warranty? You should contact support and have them diagnosis the issue. They will replace parts as needed.

The bed leveling is a poor term. Tramming is correct. It really has nothing to do with level at all. The whole unit could be out of level and still print perfectly as long as the nozzle holds a consistent distance and that is correct for the material, nozzle, feed rates, ect.

When you speak of a level it confuses the issue. I am assuming that you understand that the nozzle needs to be contestant height from the bed. I don’t understand where the level comes into play. when you speak to support don’t mention it, they will assume you are in error.

It is locked at first but at about 1 minute into the leveling process it automatically deactivated. I was using the laser level at first because I had just spent almost 3 days trying to level the platform and was going crazy. The laser level let me know it was actually the printer platform changing and not me going insane.

Yeah I am using a piece of A4 paper and while I trying to get the print nozzle aligned with the print bed the stepper fails to hold the bed in place past 1 minute and I do not have enough time to properly align the nozzle.

It is only 4 days old now so it should still be under warranty. Should I contact Creality or 3D Printing Canada, who I bought it from?

Is the Z motor hot after it turns off? and 3dpc is awesome to deal with, they should be able to hook you up once you determine what the failure is. sure beats waiting 6 weeks from China.

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yes 3dpc. it is one of the issues with principally cloned printers they barely have tech support because they are shipped with known issues. They almost always need mods to work well.

The printer is powered while you are tramming the bed right?

I have always found paper to be too thin. I tend to choose a card. In truth I use a 0.4 mm feather gauge. It is always consistent.

It seems it was actually my fault…I think…seems like if I don’t start leveling fast enough the printer goes into a afk type mode and doesn’t hold the print bed up.

Now to deal with the extruder clicking almost non-stop…

Could this be the cause of all my issues? I struggle leveling the bed non-stop as nothing was being extruded, because the factory sent extruder motor was misassembled/bent out of shape and the gears are barely touching?