Please help me figure this out

Can someone tell me why my lettering is distorted please?

What print speed and layer height did you use.

Give me a few minutes to get back home. I just stepped out for a second. Just a bit of info though. It’s a 2" x 2" piece.

Height is 0.12 speed is 50.0 mm/s

Cura 5.+ is pretty good at printing small letters but there is a limit. Try slowing the print speed down maybe to 20mm/sec. and see if that helps.

Cool. Thank you. Going to run it now and I will let you know how it turns out.

That didn’t work😩

If everything else is printing OK then it must be that the “small” letters are to small to print properly. You could try a smaller nozzle like a .2mm but that means changing things. Other then that I got nuthin"

It looks like your printer is not 100% fine-tuned. Pressure advance is leaving a gap in the corner, and looking at the top corner, it is under extruding. There are a number of factors contributing to the issue. What is your printer?

Ender 3 pro

There will be a certain physical limit to what kind of quality you will be able to produce using an fdm machine such as this one. You could scale the part up in order to have a little bit more to the letters. But other than that you won’t really be able to make many software changes which will affect this too much.

Ok thank you

I would decrease the flow rate from 100 to 93% and see how it goes.

Thanks. I will try that

Two quick answers… you may need to tune your printer as mentioned above …

But for a quick cheat fix… Most printers have challenges with sharp edges, quick turns etc. You can try filleting the top of your letters or smooth them out with a chaffer. Change the font to one that smother. Try Give the print head a continues smooth path to follow. Given its text limited in what you can do. (assuming this is your own design) This wont address the tuning of the printer but will lessen the impact.

I’m assuming you are printing flat on the bed as opposed on it’s side. Normally I see what you see if your printing the letters upright and hanging in mid air. If that is the case best solution is add a chaffer so the letters rise gradually …

I took a second look at you image. This may be just an illusion with the lighting but are your letters printed straight up or slanted?

In any case if your plaque is not critical, you can try playing with the print orientation. Thicken your base and make one end higher, add an incline ( 10 - 20 degrees). This will change the layer lines going through your small text.

Thanks. It’s a 2 inch by 2 inch charm I’m trying to make. Maybe the letters are too small dor my machine. Ender 3 pro