Please help me fixing this problem

Anybody can help me fix this problem
I am new on the hobby

There are so many problems, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Given that you are new to the hobby, I’m guessing you haven’t done the full calibration sequence.
Visit this web site. Read the Home page, then go to the Calibration page.

Across the top of the Calibration page are tabs (Introduction, Frame Check, PID Auto Tune, etc.) for each category of maintenance. Once you’ve completed all of these, most of your problems will be gone.

I keep that page permanently open in my web browser, sort of on stand-by, although, admittedly, I haven’t needed to use it since following the instructions.


Which website is that? I think you forgot to add the link. Sounds like a helpful resource!

thanks Lego Maniac i will going to your advise

Am I seeing right? The link didn’t show up in the post? I’m 99% sure I put it in there.

Interesting, now that I look at it, it says it can’t generate a preview because “Embed / OpenGraph tags could not be found: description:image”

Never seen that before. should get you there.


Hello, if you are takking about the corner raising up, you should try to level up the bed a little bit on this corner. I try to watch my first level on every print to make micro adjustment on my bed. Printing with a brim help too :slight_smile: good luck!

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Have you tried the TeachingTech calibration tutorial yet? Have things improved?