Please post your Prints, The Epics and the Fails!

Please post your prints, the epics and the fails!

A recent print were these ‘Demon Moose’ that I made as presents. Designed and packaged them as toys to add to the fun.!!



Godzilla = Japan
Moose = Canada
Mesh together = Awesome

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

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Hello, since I received my Ender 3 V2, I have printing problems.
I even completely disassembled the printer for the complete reassembly and there was no change
everything is perfectly straight, the wheels are well adjusted, I tried several filament, tried as much with cura slicer and prusa slicer different level of retraction, temperature.
the PID has been adjusted, the extruder too. I have 100mm coming out of the extruder when I ask for 100mm. When I switch from cura to prusa, the problem changes. with cura, there is a shift which is made from the join at a certain height but which gradually decreases until the join. with Prusa a big bump goes all around at a height. it is not a mechanical problem because the problem changes from one slicer to another.
See photo for better understanding

Having an issue with the Ender3 heating bed sensor going off and shutting down machine. Any help please

Mural for
Total size 5 x 15 feets, ocer 200 printed parts :slight_smile: