Plybot Successfully Completes Crowdfunding for SCARA-type Arm Printer

For anyone bored of the current array of cartesian, H-Bot or CoreXY printers available on the market, you may be please to know that the SCARA-esque Plybot printer has just completed not one but two successful crowdfunding campaigns, meaning that these unique machines should be arriving with backers very soon.

SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm, and the technology was developed as an alternative means to traditional assembly robots back in the 1980s. SCARA robots are nowadays used in a wide range of industrial tasks, particularly in repetitive pick-and-place scenarios. In fact, typically SCARA robots only have one arm, so this is more like a double-SCARA configuration, with the two arms constrained by a pin-like constraint at the effector.