Polaroid’s Candy Printing Pen

Hey, remember Polaroid? Polaroid used to make cameras until Industry 4.0 came along and replaced film with memory cards.

In the last decade or so, Polaroid have dipped their corporate toes into a few different waters to see which new direction to take their company in, in a world that no longer cares about photographs on paper.

Their latest venture sees them steering away from the comfort zone of photography equipment and moving towards 3D printing once more.

Polaroid has made 3D printers before, namely their PlaySmart desktop printer, as well as a 3D printing pen named as the Polaroid 3D Pen…

Based on this previous printing experience, Polaroid would like you to check out their new candy printing pen.

Yup, it’s a pen that prints candy, and the product is called the CandyPlay.

I didn’t know I wanted this… Even if it’s just something I pull out as a party trick.