Polycaprolactone PCL - Polymorph?

Has anyone worked with Polycaprolactone? PCL filament? I have used Polymorph and friendly plastic in the past for a variety of things. I was wondering if anyone had tried printing it?

I am guessing it can be smoothed with warm water?

I also am guessing it could be partially printed than hand formed after?

If you wanted you could likely just hand form the scraps and such into something else as well.

If anyone has experience with the filament I’d be interested in what it was.

that stuff is insane, never actually looked it up before but I could see ALOT of uses of that.

would be interesting to see what it would be like to print, Sub 100deg would be any environment safe.

Guess I know what I’m doing this weekend, off to test some more filament

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This is a video of friendly plastic. PCL is as far as I can tell the exact same plastic. I have used it for years for all kinds of things. It is odd you can hand shape something like lets say a blob to hold a soldering job hot glue it down pull off the hot glue and put the whole works back into hot water and remove the PCL from the hot glue. Plastic plasticine.

That it can be 3d printed means a whole world of hybrid things opens. I have some experience with the material but never tried to print it. Heck even having filament around means if you put a chunk in hot water you have a wet noodle then when it cools it holds its shape. It might be great for models.

this stuff has a glass transition on -60c. thats really good for plastic.

is that right? I see people making hard parts. I expected it to be … more like rubber

I can’t speak to the filament but the polymorph at room temp feels like nylon. It isn’t hard like PLA but it isn’t soft either it is … flexible like nylon is that hard and yet springy feeling.

polymorph / friendly plastic / PCL everyone should have some. It is fun just to play with, kids love it. Then you will find a use for it. I just used some to make a sanding jig for moulding. Wash it off and reform it to the next need. It is super cool. I am very intrigued to see what 3d prints are like with it.

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I see 3DPC has black and the sanding form is a great use for it. I was confused because I associate glass transition with being pliable vs not pliable and I read the spec as -60c I think it was supposed to say dash 60C

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Wow, cool stuff. I will have to try some.

Now im interested in this. Honestly thought it was a blend of poly carbonate at first so never looked further.

Any ideas on how its bed adhesion is? I see it should be printed slowly 10mm-40mm @ 70°c to 140°c

No clue. My roll is in the post now. I have only played with the polymorph. I have never printed it. I am curious about adhesion and if it can be smoothed with heat… Oh and if it acts like poly morph the ‘waste’ isn’t really waste it can easily be maniliplated to something else. I hope anyway


If you dont mind id look forward to your thoughts on it when you get time for it.

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Not at all. I am excited to try it. waiting is the hard part now.

I just got notice for delivery tomorrow.

it has been a long time since I was excited to get a package, come on UPS!

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this stuff sounds neat. I though of a use case for it today If you wanted to make tool holders (for tool storage) you could use this for the part that contacts the tool and if the tool changes just warm it up and reshape it to the new tool

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UPS let down. Why USP Why???

I ask myself that question over and over, My wife ordered me a new Orvis fly fishing rod for my birthday. Was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago, now we are on our 2nd replacement rod ordered, 3 try for delivery. funny was she ordered it next day shipping and I still haven’t got to use it yet… Hopefully today. I think someone has a couple of new fly rods

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Oh Jason do not get me going on drop shipping woes. Nightmare, I wish companys would not sell things they do not actually have.

It was due yesterday but no sign of it yet. Today hopefully. I have my Prusa idle waiting…

It arrived!

I am starting to test the PCL. I’ll post my discoveries soon.