Positron 2.0 upside down printer

So it looks like there could be a filament box sized 3d printer in the near future.


I don’t have time to watch this right now, but…why?

Its a prototype printer that can be quickly disassembled to fit into a filament box.

Im excited for it beacuse it has a few unique features that help maximize ots capabilities for its given size.

By printing upside down, it keeps the center of gravity down as it printer, aswell as it seems to improve bridging.

This video shows that its capable of both a 10 minute benchy, and some longer printed ones that look really well

I agree the concept of ot fitting into a filament box sounds weird, but it makes it super portable which id like to take advantage of.

So, when it is available for purchase or download or use?

Interesting - thank you. I always like to see something that’s off the wall like this.

A couple of questions:

  1. What type of belts/cables are being used on the printer? I don’t think I’ve seen that wrapped configuration anywhere before.
  2. I thought moving the filament 90 degrees was problematic in terms of loading/unloading as well as having it pool in the heat break and, for lack of a better term plenum area.

As I said I always like different concepts but this one doesn’t seem that practical in actuality.

This printer seems to be more complex than it should be (the cables running around are a good example of this) and I would worry about vibration on the build surface. Couple that with what I think will be a problematic extruder (having a big blob of extruded plastic on top of the nozzle seems like a very common issue).

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Ill have to get back to you about the belts/cables. I do recall seeing info on what they were somewhere and agree they seem different.

The version 1.0 did have some issues after about 200 hours, and apparently its being worked on for version 2.0

The 90° filament direction change does cause some issues you are correct. I havent deep dived into it but it was an idea thats been used in the past. Id say there’s reasons why its not readily found on printers today. Though this was a unique idea trying to fit as much as possible in a small space. Perhaps a quick connect hotend could be a better alternative, though limiting the z height, for a portable printer i could live with that.

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Its still a work in progress. Im not involved in it, but keeping an eye on its progress. Rest assured ill make a new post when theres an update on it.

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Positron 3.0 :smiley:

Check out the video.

Ill do a new post for when the files and BOM are uploaded to the public