Possible to manually level Kywoo3d printers? (Probe is broken)

Hi, the leveling touch sensor on my Kywoo3D Tycoon IDEX printer broke and I am wondering if there is any way to establish the z position without the touch sensor? It would be nice if I could position the nozzle the old-fashioned way with a piece of paper and then have the z value set, but I don’t see any option to do that. Thanks for any insights!
Also, how would I go about fixing or replacing the touch sensor? Is it user-replaceable? Are there touch sensors the Kywoo3d is compatible with? Or a source for Kywoo3d sensors? As far as I can tell the pin in the sensor broke in two with half of it still in the sensor.

To answer my own question, yes, it is possible to use gcode to move the z axis down until it passes the paper test, then set z to 0.2 and then only home the x and y axis.