Post your most incomprehensible product manual or description gibberish

I just stumbled upon this on Amazon and though it would make an amusing topic…

“this kit requires a certain ability and relevant knowledge. If even the iron will not use, the power supply will not be positive and negative points, it is recommended not to shoot. Took out of the question, the seller does not undertake any responsibility!”


There’s also:

“= Open hamburger menu”

That’s from right here on 3D Printing Space. Have you seen it?


I love the hamburger menu.

“affix the bird to red circle positive, tighten not much firmly, emergency time result in correct not then.”

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That’s actually the correct term believe it or not.

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Really? I’ve never seen that. Well I’l be damned - I just googled it. I thought someone was trying to be funny. It’s not because of a quality of the menu but because of the shape of the icon and dates way back to 1981. In my years of coding, I never used one.

yeah - I personally don’t like the term but I’m not sure what else you would call it …

I stumbled upon this one today regarding an ad-on for a drawing tablet:

“good for kids that love to painting and drowning”