Power resume build surfaces?

So if your printer has a power resume feature, it can continue printing where it left off after a power outage. Which is a neat idea, but there is a big problem with it. Actually 2 problems. 1 unless you have a capacitor bank and the firmware set up properly, when you lose power the printer just stops where it was. This means tour hotend sits on your print and cools onto the print.

My question for discussion here is about build plates and adhesion.

When ive printed on my heated bed, useing glass, i dont really prep the plate with glue or anything. I get good adhesion, and when it cools it releases quite easily. The problem is in a power off situation the plate cools, defeating the power resume feature as the part pops off.

Has anyone had success with parts sticking on a heated bed that loses power?

The only bed I’ve had that stuck (without glue stick) with power/resume was one with the buildtac surface.


I find it basically a useless feature. It is fine if it is less then 20 mins or so but anything longer something always causes the print to fail. The creality glass bed system completely defeats it. The print releases almost always. My pei beds sometimes work but there is so often a blob and the head collision causes failure.

The carbon fibre build plate works well for this. Parts release fairly easily when it cools, but they are still sufficiently stuck on that the parts won’t move if you resume printing. I’ve only ever had to do it once, and of course the nozzle sticks to the print when the nozzle cools, but then again, it won’t start moving until the nozzle has heated up. This would be a problem if the print head stops on an outer surface, but in my case it was doing infill at the time, so any imperfections were invisible in the end.

Unless you have some “magic” surface or use glue then it is probably not going to work. Even if it does stick down there isn’t any guarantee that the printer will start in the right place afterwards. My doesn’t.

I suppose you just need to either apply some sort of friction to the lead screw or replace the lead screw to something like a 4-start so it doesn’t turn freely. My E5Pro doesn’t move at all even after days of being powered down. I would consider it a bug in the design if it moves under gravity. It’s a relatively easy problem to fix.

On mine, after the restart, it moved up and over to a corner and then waited to be reset to move again but it didn’t move back down to the right level, it just started printing in the air.