Pre-compiled CR-20 firmware?

Has anyone complied a replacement firmware for their CR-20? I know 3d Printing Canada provides their own branch on Github but I couldn’t get it to compile in the Arduino software. I’m mostly annoyed that the nozzle to probe offset isn’t set right by default.

Marlin 1.x compiles with Arduino - just don’t let your file path get too long.
Marlin 2.x compiles with Visual Studio Code.

I don’t understand the problem you are trying to solve though. Are you saving your settings after setting your offset?

Not the z offset, the nozzle to probe offset. The whole bed levels off centre. I spent close to an hour trying to get it to compile following the guides with unfortunately limited luck. I’d heard filename was an issue so I put Arduino right in the root of my C:. I work in IT but I’m not a software dev so I’ll admit it’s a little out of my normal area of expertise.

I don’t recall having a centering issue when I used the pre compiled versions but I do recommend figuring out how to get past your issue so you can enable features you like.

The first time I compiled I made a mistake which ruined the bootloader and I couldn’t boot up the printer. Luckily I had an Arduino board on hand so was able to fix the bootloader. So, if you screw it up it is fixable.

What version of Marlin do you want to compile? I recommend 2.x with unified bed leveling enabled to start. With latest version of Visual Studio Code it is very easy to compile. The tutorials I started with talked about editing files but I didn’t need to do any of that.

I personally just put tiny machines firmware, and download visual studios and watch a couple YouTube videos on it they have a multipack firmware thing for Creality