Princess Mononoke mask

This is my first full size mask I made for my daughter. Def learned a lot about seams as I printed it in quarters. I used a knife to add details around eyes and such. Switching to full size Japanese Oni masks next.

Here is the file I found :
San's Mask for cosplay, from Princess Mononoke by FurtherFabrication - Thingiverse


Nice Job @Spankygrant ! She must be thrilled!

Oh wow, the paint job is amazing!

@Besideupside Thank you ! I have been scratch building Halloween props for about 20 years so I just transferred the painting techniques to 3d print. I basically am printing items that will need different types of surface finish so I can practice some more.

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@kitedemon Thank you! Yes, she flipped out. lol. It fits her head perfectly which was a stroke of luck.

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