Print conudrum XXXXXXXXXXX

I recently made a simple test print, a two layer flat base (3x3") with a hollow cylinder 1 " high with a 1/8" wall thickness. Now the outside and top of the flat base printed absolutely perfect in every detail, .2MM layer height and the layer lines are almost invisible. Did I say flawless! The inside of the cylinder is different. The alignment of the layer lines is not as neat, not terrible but not as good as the outside. It was printed with the same G code at the same time. So why is there a difference. Does the shape of the part affect the quality of the print???

It can if the speed changes to print the detail it can give a diferent finish, in layer view in your slicer it might indicate what you’re seeing

The difference in the distances between the two parts is very small to have such a noticeable difference. Is there any way to correct this. I could be just a bit bitchy about this as the inside finish is probably acceptable for most prints, it just isn’t “perfect” like the outside.

I have had the occasion sections of a print that does weird things before, like one small area that prints horribly. I always figures it was just the Code Gremlins acting out.

My understanding and experience with the inside of cylinders is that the still flowing filament just as it comes out the nozzle gets pulled towards the center of the cylinder, since from any point of print the nozzle has to move forward ands sideways to follow the curve of the shape. This coupled with potentially non-uniform cooling ducting causes poor quality on the inside of curves.

I’ve just spent days redesigning my cooling duct going from a 4020 to a 6015 blower in the process, as well as using SuperSlicer, which has speed compensation for the diameter of the curve.