Print line issue

I’ve got my printer z level right but not sure why this is happening nor do I know what it is other than I know it shouldn’t look groved

Nozzle is too close to the bed and dragging through the melted plastic

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I am aware of the lifting circles you see in the above image I missed those spots but the lines and the stringing I re did my nozzle gap but this is better than before but still I can’t seem to figure the issue out I am using petg by the way.

It looks like your nozzle is still too close to the bed. What size nozzle are you using and what nozzle temperature did you set for the PETG?

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0.4 brass and 240 and 75 on bed the filiment is petg white 3d printing Canada brand filiment the recommended on the filiment roll says 200-240 and 75-80.

I think you need to lift the nozzle from the bed on the first layer, drop the hotend temp to 235°C, and if you are suffering bed adhesion and why you might be squishing in more to compensate, bump the bed temp up to 85°C for the whole print for better adhesion.