Print quality is rough in the beginning only

Hello! Very new to 3D printing and wondering if anyone can help? I’ve printed a few cookie cutters and all of them seem to have the same issue. The handle of the cutter (which is printed first) is very rough then eventually smooths out. Just wondering what would cause this?



I’m taking semi-educated guesses here:

  1. it kind-of sort-of looks like over-extrusion. Is it possible you have the initial layers printing more slowly than subsequent layers? That’s common on the first layer to get it to adhere properly, but it looks like that covers the first three to five layers.

  2. is it possible the bed temperature is too high? I could see where that might cause the filament to stay molten longer and be more prone to bulging out.

As I say, I’m taking semi-educated guesses. Things you can check out while we wait for someone with more experience to answer.


After you slice it, do the rough edges show up there? It kind of look like it might be part of the design?


See! Now you’re thinking like a programmer!.. It’s not a bug, its a Feature


No it doesn’t show up after slicing. I tried reducing the bed temp to 50 (was at 60) and it significantly reduced the amount of roughness. I think I might try printing with a raft and hope most of it shows up on the raft?

A second less than semi educated guess is the first layer too close?

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Definately looks like your to close of the first layer. Elephants foot appears to be occurring.


For those thinking this is a first layer problem, zoom in and take a closer look:


Thanks for the tip! Do you mean the bed is too close to the nozzle?

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like to me.

Also if you could get a good photo of your first layer that would also help confirm. If your first layer isn’t smooth and has lots of matterial “poking up” that will confirm you are to close to the bed. You should be able to run your finger over the first layer after it’s printed and not have your finger catch or snag on the printed surface.

Yes a better photo would help.

Finally had some time to try again. I lowered the bed a little and added a raft. There’s still a little bit of “elephant feet” happening on the cutter ( above the raft). I snapped a few pictures of the raft printing - I’m not sure if these pictures help more to capture the 1st layer?

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