Print speed for Ender 3V2

I have a Ender 3V2 (stock hot end, x axis has a linear rail, y axis is stock. Linear rail to be installed ) and I normally print at 50mm/sec which seems to be the suggested speed for these machines. I have experimented with different speeds 100, 125 and 150mm/sec for all parts except the first layer and so far I can’t see much of a difference over the stock 50mm/sec speed. Internal fill is good and the prints are strong and appear to have decent layer adhesion.

Is there a down side to printing at a higher speed IE: mechanically hard on the printer etc.

I believe so. The FLSUN is by default unbelievably fast, it often under extrudes ambitious speeds. It also wears parts quickly, it is a delta so it drags but the speed of the dragging chews the crap out of the nozzle.

I would anticipate additional wear of things that wiggle. Cables, tubes, etc. I would be less concerned with the motion systems rails and bearings, they are designed to move. If the bed bangs at all, that also could cause issues. The V400 also likes to back screws out iso keep an eye open for that.

If you have the linear rails you will notice less physical wear on the axis, but until that point going very fast is hard on the v-wheels.

Many of the components on these printers are able to push some decent speeds, that’s how you are able to do some of the enderwire conversions and such without having to replace a ton of hardware. I have even been able to push decent flowrates out of the stock creality hotends in the past.

To me the biggest downside to printing fast on a printer that is not built to go that fast is the reliability. The faster you go the less reliable the printer will get, not that it will never print, but there is a higher chance of the prints failing. Especially during long or heavy prints. If this is something that you are aware of and doesn’t bother you there really isn’t anything wrong with it, just something to keep in mind.


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@Matthew that is very true. I don’t run the V400 full speed often. 400mm/s plus acceleration of 8000mm/s is fast it shakes the whole table (and cement block) and on occasion 25% ish knocks the print loose. (It’s a delta so it suffers from delta scrape) Just because it can doesn’t mean it should. It is nice when you need something big and it doesn’t take you days.

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Just for $#!*$ and giggles I printed out the same part at 200 mm/sec to see how it would fair. It printed fine. The only noticeable difference was the seam on the top layer where it stops and shifts onto the next row was more pronounced, sort of a pile up. There was no noticeable vibration of the printer or any other change in operation. Not that I would print like this, print time doesn’t matter to me but it is nice to know that my lowly little Ender 3V2 can punch above it’s weight if I want it to.

When the Y axis linear rails arrive I might repeat some of these test to see if there is a difference. Prusa can kiss my… :smirk:

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