Print times and monitoring printer

Hello folks, I’m brand new to this world and wondering about what folks do to monitor their printers while they are working.
Due to allergies and chemical sensitivities I can’t have my printer in the house. So it will be in my multi-purpose shop. Do I need t be worried about leaving it alone while it prints?

I use a remote security camera to keep an eye on it.
Thermal runaway (a bit less common on newer printer)
Spaghetti (happens sometime when either parts move or filament problem)
Smoke detector is important also, I use a Nest detector as it notify me of anything to my phone and since the whole house is with them they all would give me the warning (14 in the house)
Not always the best to leave it along but on long prints like I did 38hrs I dont think I could do it! LOL
Some have suggested also to take turns at monitoring it if that can also work for you
Rasberry Pi with Octoprint and camera also helps to monitor.