Printer fan recomendations

I am looking to upgrade my Ender3 v2 hotend shroud and fans, the shroud having broken.

I have looked at Noctua 40x40x20 fans with 3 pins and 3DPC 24 v fans " Heat sink Cooling Fan 4020 24V" of the Olearn brand as well as some others on Amazon like Winnsim fans. The Noctua have 3 pins, so can I run them on two pins, the other being for speed control or some such and will need buck converters. The 3dpc fans are 24V so I don’t need the converters and only have 2 pins so simple installation but being very cheap $9 CAN I’m dubious to there ability to hold up.

I’m looking at 40x40 x20 for increased air flow and would prefer 24 v fans. but can go with 12v fans if necessary. Any recommendations.

You can run noctuas on just the positive and negative wires, and just cut off the signal wire. That’s what I have done, and it works just fine. The noctuas will definitely hold up, I can vouch for them. I have no idea about the others.

What about airflow. I have seen vid’s that claim the 40 x 10 Noctua’s don’t put out enough cooling for the hot end and heat creep becomes a problem. Will moving to a 40 x 20 work OK?

I did put 92mm Noctuas on my MB and PW and they are very quiet, I can’t go to that level of overkill on the hot end.

Well, 4010 noctuas have given me no trouble on my hotends, mind you, I don’t have an all metal hotend, nor do I do much high temp printing, so that probably helps. I am using a petsfang shroud setup on a classic Creality hotend. The beauty of the petsfang shroud, aside from the good part cooling duct design, is that directs the air from the hotend cooling fan right at the heat sink, with an adequate outlet area, which is much better than the Creality shroud design. If air flow is a concern, I would try a 4020, I can’t see it being a problem, the 4020s have a little better back pressure performance than the 4010s.